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What Exactly Does The Dormant Season Mean For Your Trees?

Dormant season usually arrives within the early winter weeks. Understanding its effects on your trees may help you better monitor their health before spring.

Some questions we'll answer:

  • How do trees prepare for dormancy?
  • Why do trees go dormant?
  • Why is the dormant season a good time to perform tree maintenance?
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The Benefits Of Dormant Season Pruning

A tree’s inactivity, coupled with the outdoor elements, makes pruning during this time beneficial to your trees, including:

  • It rids trees of weak or damaged branches before they become a hazard
  • It improves branch patterns and directs future growth
  • Disease is less likely to spread when you prune in winter vs. other times of the year
  • Arborists have easier access to trees in winter, saving them time and saving you money
dormant pruning

Why You Should Hire A Professional To Prune Your Trees

Proper tree pruning is both a science and an art. Done incorrectly, it can cause serious damage to your tree. 

Davey’s ISA certified arborists have a deep understanding of a tree’s biology to properly eliminate or minimize defects without harming your tree’s growth.

We are also equipped with the appropriate equipment and tools to trim your trees safely and effectively.

Get the job done right by hiring a professional tree service.


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