Residential Tree & Lawn Care Services

Our arborists are committed to helping take care of your trees and shrubs to ensure your property remains beautiful and healthy.

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Let Us Help You Keep Your Trees Looking Their Best

Our ISA Certified Arborists® live and work in your community. Our tree doctors are committed to helping take care of your trees and shrubs to ensure your property remains beautiful and healthy.

We are extremely proud of our employees’ commitment to providing the best possible care for your trees, lawn, and plants in the Rockland, New York area and surrounding communities.

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Plant Health Care

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Our program strongly emphasizes prevention over intervention. After all, everything that affects plant life must be considered in order to prevent disease and insect infestations.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

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Should the health of a tree decline, and if it is left untreated, that beautiful tree can become a danger to life and property. We employ qualified people and special equipment to safely mitigate or remove tree risks.

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Tree Removal

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Trust our bonded and ISA certified arborists for tree removal and tree cutting services. We provide you with a comprehensive tree removal plan from our years of technical expertise.

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Storm Prep & Support Systems For Trees

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Mitigate tree safety risks with our storm damage prevention and support structure systems for trees. Hazards are not always obvious. Browse our tree risk services.

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Lawn Health Care

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A thick, green, weed free lawn does not come easy.  Our Local Responsive team works hard so you can take pride in your lawn throughout the seasons.

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mulch services in Rockland, New York

Offering Top Quality Mulch

We offer two types of mulch which we would be happy to install for you: double-hammered hardwood mulch and plain woodchips. 

Whichever mulch you prefer, you can be sure that it will be top quality and will enhance the plant and tree life, and vegetation on your property.

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We pride ourselves at Wickes/arborists on providing prompt, professional and personalized service from certified arborists that live, work and engage in your community. Contact your local Wickes specialist for your residential tree care and landscape needs.

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