Solving Your Tree's Root Problem

To safely and efficiently break up the soil and access a tree’s root system, Wickes/arborists™ will perform a root collar excavation using a special pneumatic excavation tool that uses compressed air to break up and remove the compacted soil surrounding and covering the tree’s root system. Once the roots are exposed our Certified Arborists can determine the problem affecting the overall health of the tree.

By performing an root collar excavation, Wickes/arborists™ will remove the excess soil allowing the girdling roots to be cut, the compacted soil to become aerated and the tree to receive its much needed water and nutrients, thus saving the tree.

soil care

Soil Care Solutions

We understand each property is unique and requires different solutions to correct soil problems.

Below are just a few examples of our soil care solutions:

  • Enhancing soil chemistry with our slow-release fertilizers, which are proven to address mineral deficiencies
  • Using amendment materials to improve soil quality when biological issues are present
  • Using air tools to address physical issues such as soil compaction
soil compaction

Soil Compaction

Compacted soil can be the result of something as simple as everyday foot or vehicle traffic constantly running over tree roots or having the tree planted too deep into the ground. Once the soil around a tree becomes compacted, the tree may become deprived of proper nutrients and water, causing it to become stressed, which may eventually lead to the death of the tree.

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girdling roots

Girdling Roots

We expect to see tree roots stretch themselves far and wide into our landscapes. What we don’t expect to see is cooped up roots wrapped around our tree’s trunk.

But, it happens. These are roots that grow around the trunk of the tree that, left alone, will eventually strangle the tree, cutting off the necessary flow of water and nutrients.

mulch services for Rockland, New York


When applied properly, adding mulch to the base of a tree will improve the health of the soil, maintain moisture, insulate the soil from temperature variations, prevent certain diseases and help reduce the likelihood of tree damage. 


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